What’s the Scoop on Why we Check Your Pet’s Poop?

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We know cleaning up after your pet is not always a clean job. The topic to some people may seem gross, but there is a lot of information provided about a pet’s health. It’s important to monitor what goes into their body and what comes out. Let’s check your pet’s poop!

What is normal?

Normal stools should be formed, tubular, dark brown in color and as we say “pickup-able”. If you pet is having soft, mushy stool this could be considered diarrhea. If this occurring, it can provide information that the gut health is altered for a patient. Sometimes we can diagnosis intestinal parasites by performing fecal flotations and looking at specimens under a microscope.

Most parasitic eggs are not seen with the naked eye, hence why a microscopic evaluation is necessary. Other times, we might need to send out fecal cultures or perform further gastrointestinal screening diagnostics. Additionally, an examination with the doctor is helpful to determine if a pet may have a food sensitivity that needs addressed.


If your pet’s stool is changed to:




-Has blood in it

-Has lots of mucus in it

Please don’t be shy to bring a fecal when you come in – we are glad to always evaluate it. Contact us today! And as always…please pick up after your pets! Even if no one sees you, it’s still necessary from responsible pet owners.