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All Clean and Pretty…

While all pets are adorable, our pet grooming can make your cat and dog look and feel their best. You can see it in their happy grin! Regular pet grooming is essential to make sure your pet enjoys optimal health. Brushing, for instance, is beneficial for all dogs, regardless of their breed. It helps remove dirt and debris, dead hair, and dandruff. It also helps bring out natural oils in the dog’s fur, keeping the coat healthy and shiny!

At Independence Pet Hospital, you can expect exceptional pet grooming services to keep your pet happy and healthy. We are a family-style pet hospital and pet grooming center. We understand that grooming can be stressful for some pets, which is why we aim to spend plenty of time with your pup to make them feel at ease and keep them safe and happy during the grooming session.

Why Choose Professional Pet Grooming

Grooming Your Cat & Dog Is an Important Part of Pet Care

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At-home grooming can be disorganized, messy, and even unsafe for you and your pet. At Independence Pet Hospital, you will find that our staff is equipped with the right grooming tools and years of experience to provide the best dog grooming services.

Here are some benefits of choosing professional pet grooming services:

The Best Looking Pups Ever

Freshly groomed dogs always look their best. Although, they can’t communicate that their hair is getting in the way, it is. It is in their eyes and can make them a lot hotter in the summer months. Dogs with a fresh bath and hair cut get more positive attention from everyone, turning them into happy, friendly, and well-behaved dogs.

Saves Time and Frustration

Dog grooming at home is time-consuming and can cause stress for you and your pup. You want to get it right and feel the pressure also to do them no harm. Many homeowners have trouble cutting their nails, let alone taking the clippers to their coat. Plus, you’ll have to purchase costly tools and equipment to ensure safe and proper dog grooming. Skip the hassle and opt for our reasonably priced dog grooming services.

Guarantees Healthy Dog Coat & Less Shedding

Professional dog grooming ensures a healthy and shiny dog coat. It is also an ideal way to reduce shedding as clean and healthy dogs shed less. Reduced shedding means you can finally take a break from constantly cleaning the house. Trust us, your vacuum cleaner will appreciate that your dog sheds less!

Ensures Health and Wellness

Pet grooming includes a lot more than a good bath and trim. We check for health concerns and closely examine the teeth, fur, nails, and skin while grooming your cat or dog to detect potential health and wellness issues. The well-being of your pet is our biggest concern.

Say Goodbye to Aggressive Behavior

We have quality clippers, a grooming table, and other equipment fit for grooming all breeds and sizes. Our pet grooming equipment and experience save us from heavy lifting and potentially aggressive behaviors. Your pup will stay calm and relaxed throughout the grooming session!

When Should You Bring In Your Dog for Grooming?

We recommend grooming dogs once a month. However, dog grooming needs may vary based on the dog’s age, health conditions, and length of hair. You can ask us about your puppy’s fur coat and grooming needs when you come to the veterinary hospital for routine puppy care visits. At Independence Pet Hospital, the health and happiness of your pets is our number one priority. We will wash and groom them as if they were our very own. At the end of the day, we are all about building relationships, so schedule a pet grooming appointment today to learn more about our services or schedule a grooming session for your dog!

What About Cat Grooming?

We can groom your long-haired cat! Please understand that most of the time they will need to be sedated for this undertaking. It is a bit of a procedure. This is for the safety of the cat and the staff. Please let us know your situation and we will accommodate the best we can.

Our pet grooming center is located inside the Independence Pet Hospital of Monroe Ohio. Our staff is fantastic! We treat your pets like our pets, with gentle loving care.

Exceptional Cat & Dog Grooming Services at Independence Pet Hospital!