Veterinary Hospital and Pet Care Center

Your pets are family members. This is why we operate our veterinary hospital in Monroe Ohio is much like a pediatric hospital. We embrace pet care with routine veterinary exams, dental cleaning services, plus a well-equipped radiology and surgery center.

Routine Veterinary Care

veterinary hospital

Once a year your furbabies will need a check-up, just like we do. It is at this appointment that we will make sure all the vaccinations are up to date, check their weight, see if they need prevention medicines or flea prevention and other general examinations. Animals have a tendency to hide or mask certain pains they may be feeling. It also is not helpful that we don’t speak the same language. These kinds of challenges make it tricky for the average pet owner to recognize when care is necessary.

Having a routine visit will give you peace of mind that your pet is healthy. The power of knowing is worth it to set up an appointment at least once a year. A typical exam at Independence Pet Hospital will detect and prevent issues before they become problems. Our veterinarians at Independence Pet Hospital are experts at evaluation and symptom recognition. We encourage you to call our veterinary hospital with your questions.

Here are some checks that we perform:

  • Ears for Infection
  • Lymph Nodes and Lumps for Swelling
  • Eye Health
  • Nutrition & Weight
  • Abdomen Abnormalities
  • Temperature
  • Lungs & Heart Health
  • Oral Health

Cat & Dog Dental Cleaning

Dog Dental Cleaning  at Independence veterinary hospital

Dog dental cleaning and general oral care should not be taken lightly. It means much more than just bad breath. Most owners do not usually brush their dogs teeth, so dental disease is one of the most prominent issues in pet care. It is a difficult job to do, especially if you are worried about doing it. Dogs don’t always cooperate either. Despite how hard the task may be it is crucial. Ignoring dental care can result in very high costing health problems and pain in the future.

Here are some signs that your dog will need a teeth cleaning:

  • Discoloration in Teeth
  • Drooling
  • No Appetite
  • Bad Breath
  • Bleeding or Receding Gums
  • Missing or Loose Teeth
  • Nasal Discharge or Excessive Sneezing

At Independence Pet Hospital in Monroe Ohio, we take the time to give your dog the cleaning they need to avoid disease and pain. No matter how difficult or timely it is, we work hard to do it right. You know how bad tooth pain can be. No dog owner wants them to go through that. We will usually start with some lab tests to assess the overall oral health and administer the appropriate anesthesia. During the cleaning, we focus on removing tartar and plaque on the surface of the teeth as well as underneath the gum line to reduce the chances of gingivitis. Afterward, we polish the teeth for better plaque protection. Not all exams are the same as not all dog’s teeth are the same. The individual procedures will depend on each individual dog.

Veterinary Radiology

Veterinary Radiology XRay at veterinary hospital

If, during the exam process, we catch something abnormal or your pet is experiencing pain we like to run some x-rays to get a better idea of what is going on. Whether your pet is experiencing pain or not, you might never know about a tumor, broken bones, or blockages. With these tools and special advances in technologies we are able to detect problems much faster with much better certainty. It can give the absolute answer between life threatening issues or normal functionality.

Our veterinary radiology lab is prepped and ready to evaluate medical diagnostic images in detecting sites of injury or disease. Our experience and expertise in this field allows us to put pet owners at ease. That is our goal!

Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery room at a veterinary hospital

There are times when our pets will need surgery, some extensive, some minimal. Whether you are in either of these categories, Independence Pet Hospital is ready! Our veterinarians are experienced and knowledgeable in all types of surgeries.

Among the most common types of pet surgery, we provide:

  • Spaying & Neutering
  • Dental Surgery
  • Soft Tissue
  • Growth Removal
  • Foreign Body Surgery

No matter the procedure, we treat all cases with the utmost seriousness they deserve. Even during spay and neuter appointments, your pets will receive the utmost care. We strive to make sure all pain is as minimal as possible. Communication is also at the top of our list when it comes to these situations. Our veterinary hospital team will work hard to provide you 100% transparency on your pet’s progress every step of the way! We understand the level of trust you are leaving with us. This is an important undertaking and it is treated as such.

Looking For Pet RX Medications?

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