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Great information about caring for your pet dog or cat. From pet grooming to veterinary health concerns, we hope you enjoy our on-going articles and make Independence Pet Hospital your pet advice resource. When in doubt, we encourage you to contact our local Monroe Ohio Veterinarian for advice.

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Preparing A Dog For Grooming

Desensitizing your pet to being handled and touched is important to ensure that your pet isn’t afraid of getting groomed or being examined by a veterinarian. If you own a breed that will require regular grooming, you should start to desensitize them as a young puppy to prepare them for grooming appointments. It’s important that your dog get used to

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Outdoor Pets
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Concerns For Outdoor Pets

For some animals, nothing compares to fresh air and a big grassy lawn. A lot of pet owners have legitimate concerns about their outdoor pets. Do you feel guilty about depriving their pets of the great outdoors? We sometimes will go to extreme measures to get our furbabies that simple pleasure of being outside from elaborate fencing to leashes. For

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Veterinary Pet Exams
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Are Yearly Pet Exams Necessary?

You might already guess that we can’t help but be biased on this matter, but hear us out. It’s not that uncommon for pet owners to forget to bring them in for their yearly pet exams. If the pet’s health hasn’t changed, you currently lack the funds, and/or it stresses the animal out, why worry about it? We will give

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